Dragonfly, Up Close and Personal #WW


My husband took a few photos of a dragonfly that we found in our home today. Sadly, it was dead, but I loved the pictures and thought I’d put up a last minute Wordless (okay, not so wordless) Wednesday post.

DragonFly Collage


  1. How cool. Sad he was dead, but a great opportunity to be able to see how amazing these creatures are. Nature rocks 🙂

  2. They look different up close, eh!

  3. I’ve never seen dragonfly up close like this. Beautiful creature!

  4. They really are gorgeous creatures One of the bugs I am not scared of them and loved watching them as a child

  5. I love dragonflies, we used to play with them as a kids, and call them “avioncitos” (little airplanes in Spanish). Then as an adult, I watched the movie Dragonfly and fall in love again with these little animals.
    Great photos!

  6. Sad he’said gone but he was gorgeous in life

  7. they look very different up close did not even know that was a dragonfly till i read the title

  8. That is amazing! I think dragonflies are so beautiful!

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