Our Dog’s Favorite Halloween Treat is Pup-peroni #TrickOrTreatEm #CollectiveBias

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Pup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop
Yes he needs grooming, and yes that is a ponytail on the top of his head to keep the hair out of his eyes. 🙂

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. What’s not to love, really? The fall/Halloween decorations, the candy, the costumes, the candy… oh, I already said that. It does bear repeating, though. We are doubly excited about celebrating Halloween with our dog this year. It is his first Halloween with us. Our dog’s favorite Halloween (anytime) treat is Pup-peroni.

Baxter (our male Shih Tzu) is a huge part of our family. So is our big girl, Coco, but we refer to her as “big” girl for a reason… she is a Great Pyrenees who stays outside and guards our home. And there is no way she would let us put a costume on her, if we could find one to fit her.

Pup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Back to Baxter… this is his first Halloween with us since we didn’t brink him home until November last year. He is a sweetheart. Loving and gentle, and LOVES treats, especially Pup-peroni, followed closely by Milk Bones.

He will do anything for a pet treat, like let us put a dog costume on him.

Pup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats from Kroger #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Pet Costumes at Kroger #TrickorTreamEm #CollectiveBias #shop #cbias

Recently while at Kroger we bought some Pup-peroni and Milk Bone treats for him and checked out the pet costume section. After we got home I checked out the Trick Or Treat Em website.

Pup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Pup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shopPup-peroni Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Halloween Pup-peroni Milk Bone pet treat coupons from Kroger #TrickOrTreatEm #collectivebias #shop #cbiasI took a fun quiz to see our pet’s Halloween personality and the results were sweetie. See I told you he was a sweetheart. I then uploaded a photo of our Baxter and put him in a cute frame. Then the best part is you get coupons on great savings on Big Heart brand pet treats like, MilkBone, Milo’s Kitchen, Pup-peroni, and Canine Carry Outs. These digital coupons will come in handy to keep our pets stocked in pet treats.

Halloween Pet Costume #TrickOrTreatEm #shop #collectivebias #cbias

My son and I decided we would practice making some doggie Halloween treat bags for some of our dog friends for Halloween and try on the dog costume my son got for him.

Dog Treat Tag Printable #collectivebias #TrickorTreatEmClick the image above for a free pet tag printable to use with your treat bags.

Halloween Pet Treats #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #shop #cbias
My son wanted to make a pet treat bag for Baxter and one for Coco from Baxter…

We put Baxter’s favorite treats that we got from Kroger into baggies and stapled our bone shaped tags onto some scrap orange card stock we had left over from another craft project (use what you have on hand – it’s reusing/recycling). Your human and fur friends will love the treat bags.

Halloween Pet Treats for Baxter #TrickorTreatEm #collectivebias #cbias #shop

Baxter didn’t really know what to think about the dinosaur costume we put on him, but when he realized he was getting Pup-peroni and Milk Bone treats… he was very cooperative.

Check out this video and see for yourself that our dog’s favorite Halloween treat is Pup-peroni…

We are excited for him to see all the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night and my son is wearing a creepy/scary costume so he is getting Baxter slowly used to him being in the costume so that he won’t be scared when the kids come to the door on Halloween.

Will your dog be wearing a costume on Halloween? What kind of costume will they be wearing?



  1. Our dogs love pup-peroni. They are just so expensive so I try to buy them on sale as a very special treat. Thank you for sharing

  2. i’ve never gotten a doggie costume but if we did we would have to go with the classic hot dog in a bun costume for our mini doxie

  3. Ours don’t like to wear costumes, but they love Pup-Peroni!

  4. Back when we had a pup we never dressed him up – he wasn’t one for clothes – BUT!!!!! when we get a dog I’m so dressing him/her up! My pup loved Pup-Peroni too!

  5. So cute! I will not be dressing our dog up… too many people and too many kids for me to chase 🙂

  6. my dog would let the kids do practically anything with him but Im not sure the halloween dressing up is going to be part of our traditions but the Pup-Peroni! sounds amazing

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