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Do You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth? #ChewsWisely #SayItWithMilkBone

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I know you brush your own teeth and if you have children you brushed theirs until they were able to brush their own teeth. As a mom to a boy, I still have to ask my son if he brushed his teeth (yeah, I think it’s a boy thing). I am also a dog owner (I honestly think it’s the other way around… we are owned by our dog) who is a huge part of our family.

We take him to the Vet twice a year, have him professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks, and try to brush his teeth daily.

Yes, I said, “Try”.

He is not the most cooperative pup. But his oral health is important to us. Baxter gets anxious when we brush his teeth, so Milk Bone brushing chews are a life-saver.

Baxter loves them and thinks he’s getting a special treat and we love them because we know his teeth are being brushed. Milk Bone brushing chews are the best treat for our dog’s teeth. So the brushing chews are a win-win.

Although our dog may not realize it, we know nothing says we care more about his oral health like Milk Bone brushing chews.

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Do you brush your dog’s teeth? Did you know that Milk Bone made a dental care treat? They do, and Milk Bone brushing chews are important to add to your dog’s daily routine. Because healthy teeth and gums are just important for our four-legged friends as it is for us.

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