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6 Reasons Why Supernatural Needs Crowley

By: Greg Chaffins | Date: November 11, 2017 | Categories: His Lifestyle
Supernatural Needs Crowley

Supernatural is a weekly fun, wild ride into all kinds of things, well, supernatural. Dean and Sam have, quite literally, taken us to heaven and hell and back again. And while there have been many other characters on the show that we have enjoyed, one of the best that is no longer on it is […]

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Phone Scammers and How To Avoid Them

By: Greg Chaffins | Date: November 6, 2017 | Categories: His Lifestyle
Phone Scams

If there is any one quirk about modern technology that irks me the most, it is probably the underground industry known to the rest of us as phone scammers. This industry is a blight on modern civilization, IMHO, and should be made illegal. But instead, it seems that our elected representatives keep kicking the door […]

The Art of Pretending to Let Your Son Win

By: Greg Chaffins | Date: November 4, 2017 | Categories: His Lifestyle
The art of pretending to let your son win

I remember the glory days back when our son was very young and his father (that’s me) could beat him in any sport or game. At that time I was wisely pretending that he won a few because that’s what you do when you are trying to build up self-confidence in your young son. Now, […]