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Family Activities That Don’t Add To Your Bills

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: October 8, 2012 | Categories: Family and Health, Frugal Tips, Green, Guest Posts, Money Talk, Parenting

Image Source Families today are looking at any ways available they can lower how much they are paying out each month to live. One of the best places to look is how much is being spent on utilities as this is something which, though necessary, can be monitored and kept under control. You would be […]

Looking for a green upholstery cleaner

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: September 21, 2012 | Categories: Environment, Family and Health, Green, Home and Garden
green uphostery cleaner

I’ve been working over the last several years to make my house cleaning be as “green” as possible. I only use homemade cleaners or certain ones that are eco-friendly. Since having my son, this is of the utmost importance to me. I have an off-white living room suite that I need to clean, but was […]

What’s it Really Like to Live in an Eco-Home?

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: September 7, 2012 | Categories: Environment, Green, Guest Posts, Home and Garden

The idea of living in an eco-home might seem daunting.  The first few eco-housing areas to be built certainly had a lot of problems with mold, rot and erosion, as well as poor ventilation, and solar panels that didn’t generate as much power as homeowners would like.  However, developers have learned a lot from those […]

Chico Reusable Bag Review

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: August 13, 2012 | Categories: Environment, Green, Reviews
Reusable bags

I am always running to the store for a few things. I mean, all the time. I do like fresh fruit and veggies, so I usually make about 3 visits to my local grocery store or farmer’s market a week. I usually use reusable bags but have been wanting some really pretty ones. C’mon I’m […]

Tips to Go Green With Young Children

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: July 2, 2012 | Categories: Children, Education, Environment, Green, Guest Posts, Tips

    Guest Post Keep several bins in your kitchen or garage. Small children as young as 18 months can be taught to separate trash from recycling. Toddlers love to help and picking up things to place in bins is one of the easiest ‘green chores’ a young child can do. Composting is another easy […]

I Did An Evergreen Fridge Hunt #choosecartons

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: June 14, 2012 | Categories: Causes, Environment, Green

I took a challenge to look inside my fridge… I mean, really, look inside my fridge. And what did I find? Well, besides the leftovers, and yummy veggies I just got out of my f-i-l's garden, I found a mixture of cartons and plastic containers, but thankfully, more paper cartons. My milk was in a […]

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Deal of the Day: Collapsible Water Bottles

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: October 2, 2011 | Categories: Deals of the Day, Environment, Green, Shopping

Today at SaveMore, get a collapsible water bottle for only $5 and free shipping. These collapsible, reusable 15 oz watter bottles are BPA-Free and eco-friendly. Want to get one for everyone in the family? Get 4 for $14. And you can really score big with this deal. Here's how: Sign up now at SaveMore, and […]

The Green Thing: Back in my day…

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: June 27, 2011 | Categories: Environment, Green

I received this email this morning and loved the satirical tone, in the "green" message, and I thought I'd share it with you. The Green Thing In the line at the store, the cashier told the older woman that she should bring her own grocery  bag because plastic bags weren't good for the environment.  The woman apologized […]