Bridges are metaphors for everything in life – Bridge Quotes & Photographs

I love bridges. Whether small or grand, the beauty of a bridge is not lost on me. My title comes from the quote by Jim West – “Bridges are metaphors for everything in life, … The bridge is not just about getting back and forth between north and south. The bridge is about connecting our communities.”

While looking at some beautiful photographs of bridges I was reminded of some quotes that talk about bridges, both figuratively and literally. I’d like to share them with you:

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Everyone speaks well of the bridge which carries him over. ~Unknown

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Winter makes a bridge between one year and another and, in this case, one century and the next. ~Andy Goldsworthy

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Poetry is not only dream and vision it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.” ~ Audre Lorde

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Faith builds the bridge from this old world to the new. ~Young

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If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you. ~Peter Marshall

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Faith is the pierless bridge supporting what we see unto the scene that we do not. ~Emily Dickinson

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 Children are the bridge to heaven ~Proverb

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When our enemy flies, build him a golden bridge ~Proverb


  1. The photos and quotes are both absolutely beautiful. I would never have thought of bridge quotes being a metaphor for life, but they certainly are.

  2. Yes! I totally agree. Great post with beautiful photos and inspirational quotes! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Donna
    I’m organizing the Third International Conference on Academic Writing “Building bridges through academic writing: Research, policy, and practice” to take place in June in Tel Aviv,Israel and was looking for inspiration for my Greetings, which I found in your blog and beautiful photos.

  4. i am giving a talk on connecting engineering with spirituality … using a Bridge -as a way to “bridge together” the two concepts…. and found your insights very useful. Thank you

  5. Who is Jim West and where are some biographical details about him? If you could provide these details, I would be appreciative.

    My e-mail address is depicted below.

    Thanks in advance,

    Frank T. Lavandier, PhDc

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