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Birth Injury and Your Family: How to Survive The Trauma

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Waiting for the arrival of your newborn is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life. You’ll even spend a significant amount of time preparing for the baby’s arrival by decorating the room and purchasing the crib and other necessities. When it’s time for your child to be born, you don’t expect there to be complications. However, there are over 30,000 newborns that become injured during the birthing process each year.

What is a Birth Injury?

A birthing injury is something that occurs during delivery. Some examples include problems suffered during the baby’s passing through the canal, injuries caused by prolonged hours in labor, breech delivery and flaws in the medical staff or hospital. Some injuries heal quickly, and the infant and family hardly notice any lingering difficulties. Whether it’s a Los Angeles patients advocate or a birth injury attorney in New York, they will both suggest that other birth injury problems can be longer lasting and sometimes permanent. Brachial palsy, facial paralysis, fractures and brain injuries are some of the outcomes of a birth injury.

The Effects of Birth Injuries on a Family

There is an excessive amount of time and care that goes into helping a child with a birth injury. This can place a strain on the entire family both mentally, physically and financially. Parents and other family members may have feelings of anger, stress and hopelessness. The day-to-day struggles in caring for a child with a permanent birth injury can be exhausting, and you may need help in learning how to deal with these changes.

The affects can even reach as far as the siblings of the child with the defect. Because the parents are spending extra time with the child who has the birth injury, siblings may feel neglected and act out. They may also find themselves ridiculed at school for having a sibling who is challenged. This can also put a strain on a couple, and their future relationship.

Coping with the Challenges

All of this can be overwhelming, and you may be looking for ways to strengthen your family bonds. Support groups for families affected by a birth injury can be extremely helpful for all parties. Parents who have experience with this sort of problem can offer solutions and advice on how to deal with difficult situations. It also helps to know that you aren’t alone, and you have a comfortable place to turn to.

You should also seek help and assistance from friends and family. This is a great way to make time for your other children and give them the necessary attention that they deserve through fun activities and sporting events at school. Couples should also spend time together and schedule an overnight getaway or evening out.

A birth injury caused by a medical treatment facility or staff member can cripple a family financially and is a life altering event for everyone involved. You may be able to receive some type of monetary compensation for their negligence which can help you with the future care of your child. However, knowing how to cope and reaching out to others can also help you through this traumatic experience and give you the strength to move forward.

Freelance writer Nadine Swayne forwards this article to help families struggling with the devastation of a child who suffered a birth injury. You can find a birth injury attorney in New York at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. that will help you and your family with your case.  They have decades of experience to help ensure that you and your loved ones receive the financial compensation deserved.

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