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Banana Pudding Cake Recipe

Banana Pudding Recipe via Blog by Donna

I have an aversion to bananas. Ever since I had to eat several pounds of bananas in one morning to get the scales to go tip 105 pounds when I only weighed 94 pounds. It was crazy and a story for another day.

Even though I do not love bananas, I do love things with bananas as an ingredient… like banana nut bread, banana pudding, banana cream pie. You get the picture.

I love this banana pudding cake recipe, it’s so moist, delicious, and easy! My kind of recipe. Try it out for yourself, I bet you’ll love it… even if you have an aversion to bananas.

Banana Pudding Cake



I said it was EASY! If you want a quick, delicious banana dessert this banana pudding cake recipe will do the trick.

Do you have a favorite recipe using bananas?

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