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American Idol Top 4 – Best to Worst

On Season 8 American Idol last night the final four performed my favorite genre – Classic Rock.  This week is rock week – yeah!   Slash from Guns & Roses was this week’s mentor.  The coolest mentor yet.

This week they each performed as usual but they paired them up for duets – Kris and Danny and Allison and Adam.  More on this in a minute.  Now for my best to worst:

I will say that Kris will be the one to go home tonight. 

Earlier I mentioned that they did duets last night.  I also want to say that I love every song that was sung last night – for both solos and duets.

Up first was Kris Allen and Danny Gokey:

And then there was Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert:

Between their solos and their duets it is clear who the two best singers are, in my honest opinion.  I know Adam should be in the final two and think it will be a toss up between Allison and Danny.  Danny does have a cult following.  I love Danny too so I’ll not be disappointed with either one of the two (Allison or Danny) as the runner-up.

It definitely was Adam and Allison’s night.

Watch Season 8 American Idol on Fox at 9:00 pm EST tonight to see if I am right or wrong.  And with "Rock" as the theme – I expect it to be a great result show.

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