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American Idol 2009 Winner will be Adam Lambert…

I predict today, March 11, 2009, that the Season 8 American Idol winner will be Adam Lambert.  He is by far the most professional and seasoned contestant at this point in the competition than in all seasons combined, in my opinion.

Will it be a bit boring to sit through a whole season of American Idol knowing that Adam Lambert has it in the bag.  Nah.  There are other contestants I really enjoy.  And I won’t mind one bit listening and watching Adam Lambert perform week after week.

Since they chose 13 contestants instead of the 12 they normally do, two of them leave the show tonight.  Who will go is harder for me to predict then who I know will stay.  Oh, and their song selections were Michael Jackson songs. 

Who I like so far:

Personally my least favorite performance last night was Anoop Desai who performed Beat It.  A really bad song choice in my opinion.  Anoop seems like such a sweet young man but I’m just not that into him. 

Do you have an American Idol favorite?  I would love to hear your opinions of 2009 Season’s 8 American Idol so far.  Tune in tonight on Fox and see if my top 5 (and your favorites) return next week.


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