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American Century Investments and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research #ad #ACCgolf #GiveLikeJim

This post was created in partnership with American Century Investments. I have received compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I recently wrote about the 2014 American Century Championships that aired last weekend and my respect for the golfing community for all they do for great causes.

I’d like to elaborate more on the “great causes” part of the Profits with a Purpose

I appreciate professional athletes and sport organizations that use their sport and names to help raise money for good causes, especially medical research.

Because so many of us are affected by cancer, diabetes, or dementia, to name a few (all gene based) diseases and having the
Stowers Institute for Medical Research is such a blessing.

About Jim Stowers

Jim Stowers, Jr. founded American Century Investments in 1958 to help people improve their financial position. Today, Mr. Stowers and his wife Virginia are determined to create “Hope for Life”…giving back something more valuable than money to the many that made their personal success possible.

Jim and Virginia dedicated their personal assets to create the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which is dedicated to improving quality of life by researching and uncovering the causes, treatment, and prevention of gene-based diseases.

“Virginia and I are both cancer survivors and we know first-hand the fear and loneliness that come with the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease. So it was natural to think about how we might offer
help and hope to others facing cancer and other diseases.”

With institutions like the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, I do have hope that in the not so distant future, we will have cures for most if not all gene-based diseases. You can learn more about BioMed Valley Discoveries here.

My hats off to the American Century Investments and all the professional golfers and celebrity golfers that came out to “Profit with a Purpose” to raise money for medical research.




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