9 Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

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Stress is the result of too much exposure to tension and pressure that surrounds us. Most people experience stress at work. It does not matter what kind of workplace you have. Stress can be experienced in school, office, factory and in any workplace. Stress at its mild level can be helpful as it urges the person to take action. But, too much of it can lead to mental and physical illnesses. In fact, 75-90% of visits to the doctors’ clinic have been due to stress. Therefore, every person must find ways to make his work less stressful. The following are some helpful suggestions to relieve stress at work:

1. Learn to improve your skill in managing your time.

Time-management is crucial for a person who has a hectic schedule every day. Failure to manage one’s time wisely can lead to missed opportunities. We are not only talking about missed opportunities of earning more money. But, lack of time-management can also lead to missed opportunities for rest and relaxation. Thus, people experience debilitating stress.

2. Learn to improve your organizational skills.

Time-management must be coupled with proper organization of everything. See to it that the physical environment in the workplace is well-organized. A cluttered environment can cause so much stress. The same is true with planning your activities for the day. Everything must be properly organized to ensure that nothing important is missed or overlooked.

3. Practice deep breathing.

The importance of deep breathing is often neglected by busy people. The busier you become, the more frequent you should be breathing deeply. When you make it a habit to breathe deeply, you will be able to ward off stress even before it consumes you.

4. Don’t ignore breaks at work.

When it says break time, take a break. As much as possible, avoid “working breaks”. Leave your desk, go outside and breathe some air. You will be surprised just how relieving this can be. Going outside the office even for just a while allows your mind to be refreshed.

5. Find ways to make your workplace less stressful.

Turn on your surround system in the office and listen to a mellow music. Music has been known to greatly relieve a person from stress and anxiety. Besides, listening to a favorite mellow music will make a person feel happy while working.

6. Find time to do some stretching.

This is highly-recommended for people who tend to be sedentary at work. When you feel that your muscles are becoming tensed, stretch out. Stand up for a while and allow your entire body to stretch. Stretching promotes proper blood and oxygen circulation to your entire body. Thus, you will be relieved from stress.

7. Avoid worrying too much.

Some people have make it habit to worry a lot. They worry about big issues. They also worry about trifle things. If you can’t change a certain situation, accept it. If you think you can control it, do something. Worrying leads you nowhere. Start problem-solving and you’d be able to get things done in no time.

8. Stay away from pessimistic people.

Sometimes, stress at work is caused by gossiping. There are also people in the workplace who are too difficult to deal with. Others are just so bitter about the kind of work that they have. There are those who do not know how to appreciate other people’s efforts. These kinds of people are vexations to the spirit. They can easily ruin your day. Therefore, avoid being close to them as much as possible.

9. Work not just for the sake of earning money.

It is when a person mainly works for monetary reasons that he becomes vulnerable to stress. Work is life. Therefore, you must cherish your work as much as you cherish your own life. Learn to love your work despite being under compensated. Remember that the best things in life cannot be bought with money.

About The Author:

Ryan Rivera is 28 years old, married and an ex-anxiety sufferer. He is an advocate of healthy lifestyle and spends most of his time helping anxiety sufferers through his writings at http://www.calmclinic.com.