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4 Inexpensive Activities to Provoke Creativity

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Finding an activity that does not hurt your finances is not an endless task. There are plenty of activities around that can inspire you and provoke creativity at the same time. You can partake in these activities alone, with a significant other or a group of friends. Either way, you are sure to have new memories made.

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Cake Decorating Class

If you always wanted to be the next contestant on the next great baking reality show, you can start out by taking a cake decorating class or cupcake decorating class. They will teach the basics of decorating a cake, including how to make designs with icing and how to cover a cake with frosting. This activity is tasty and fun, and you can generally eat the final product or take it home for a special event. The classes can run anywhere from $12-$40 depending on the supplies needed for the class and how advanced the class is. If you are still hurting for cash, you can find a how-to video off of YouTube and learn at home.

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Go to a Museum

Museums offer so much creative and learning inspiration. There are often temporary galleries so you can check back often and not be bored of the museum. You can become inspired by a new local artist or by an artist recognized in history books. Either way, you will probably find something if you keep an open mind. Cameras aren’t always allowed, but you can always bring a sketchbook and take notes or sketch out your favorite exhibits. Some museums are free, or they are free on certain days. You can spend anywhere from a couple dollars and generally no more than $20.

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Take a Hike

There are endless possibilities in hiking activities. You never know what is going to happen on your hiking trip, and that can add some extra excitement to your day. Don’t forget to bring a map with you, and it’s important you always have someone with you. Bring your camera along and work on your photography or search for insects and birds. Hiking is generally a free activity, unless you are going through a state park, which may have a very small fee.

BYOB Painting Class

This is a very fun idea for groups of friends looking to be creative while having fun. This activity is only for people over the age of 21, so keep in mind you will not be allowed to drink under the age of 21. The cost of the class is relatively cheap and you bring your own bottle of wine. Keep in mind also, you can’t get out of hand with drinking or they will ask you to leave. This wine is just to “loosen” you and you friends up.

Maya Richards loves to be inspired, and she enjoys trying to new things. Some of her newest activities include jewelry making and creating quotable cards.

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