10 Words That Describe My Home

Home Sweet Home. Home is where the heart is — are just a couple of sayings that portray my feelings of home. Our homes are more than just a roof over our heads. And it is true, that home is wherever my husband and son are… but our home is special to me. Here's ten words that describe my home.

(This photo is about 5 years old – Cody playing with his Uncle Bill)

1.   Family  – Our home is full of photos, mementos, artwork, etc., that represent our family. 

2.   Paid For – We lived very frugally and saved every penny we could so that we could pay our home off. We bought it in 1999, and paid it off in 2002. It may not be the fanciest house, but it IS ours.

3.   Noisy – It's rarely quiet here. But I wouldn't have it any other way

4.   Messy – Okay, it's almost always messy. I can't say I wouldn't have it any other way, but I figure that they'll come a time when I have plenty of time on my hands to keep it all neat.

5.   Neighborly – We have wonderful neighbors… the best neighbors!

6.   Laughter – You'll hear a lot of it in our home.

7.   Bright – Our home is bright and cheerful, I think.

8.   Happy – I am happy in and with my house. So many precious and happy memories.

9.   Peaceful – I know I said my home is noisy, and it is. Yet, It's a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood. We live in an older subdivision where all the homes have between 2 – 3 acres of land, so we are spaced out and not on top of each other.

10.  Fun – Tons of fun going on here at any given time. Definitely not boring. And is it bad that I wish it were a little more boring, sometimes?